Dream Bouncy Blush

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Myrna P.

These blushes give a nice natural glow to the face. I am pretty satisfied with how light it goes on and it is not overwhelming. I love them because I am pretty fair skinned and don't like a lot of color on my cheeks that will make me look like a clown.

Pamela D.

I actually like this stuff! The bouncy aspect is a little gimmicky but the pigmentation is pretty good and the staying power is awesome. I use it more as a blush base however. I have oily skin so I like everything set and matte.

Jess G.
Great starter blush

I've been wearing makeup for almost 9 years and I never wore blush. I didn't like the way it looked. It just never looked right. I picked up Peach Satin because I had heard that it was sheer. It is sheer but for my pale skin it looks beautiful. I get just the right amount of color. It blends very well and stays on all day.

Kaylee C.
Like it

At first I thought it was a powder when I grabbed it off the shelf and then when I went home to put it on with a brush it wasn't working. Then I realized it was a cream blush and applied it the right way, I thought it looked nice. I think it depends on what color you get on judging the pigmentation. I have pale skin so this color showed up quite pigmented, I really like the shade. I think it is more of a good product than a bad one.

Halley N.
It isn't as good as I thought it would be.

This blush isn't all that pigmented, so it actually took a lot of blending and re-dipping my finger in the product to get my desired look. I also felt like the product is used up fairly quickly because of this. I probably won't buy it a second time and will stick with powder blushes.

Elle W.
Interesting concept but sheer color

My feelings for this product are mixed. The packaging is very plain and the product is rather small, they're only slightly larger than an average single eyeshadow. I'd also have to argue that the product is not so much "bouncy" as it is airy/foamy. It's kind of like dough where if you press lightly it will slowly rise up again and take shape but if you press too hard you'll end up leaving an indent. As for the color, the shade is a pretty peachy orange but extremely sheer; I also have the shade Pink Frosting which is a light pink and it is just as sheer. It is buildable but it takes so many swatches to get a distinct color and since the product is so small I feel they aren't worth it. While I like the concept of the blush, I'm not a huge fan of the lack of color payoff and small size. I wouldn't recommend buying these unless you're interested in the texture, as it is the only highlight of this product, because there are better drugstore blushes to spend your money on.

Jennifer D.
Not sure I get it

Not sure I get why it feels bouncy in the pan - like a bouncy house. It is just a cream blush not sure why it has to be pumped up with air to feel like this just to push back when trying to get it on your fingers. Hard to apply. It is hard to get it on your fingers without digging it out. Goes on streaky.