Colossal Volum' Express Mascara

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Jackie L.

Probably my least favorite of all the maybelline mascara a I've tried. I think it would be better for people with shorter lashes but not for me. It makes my lashes look very thin. I have to give it credit for not clumping but it does not add much thickness at all.

Sim T.
Photo of product included with review by Sim T.

I actually love this thing <3 It was my first mascara and the one I always turn to. Adds length, thickness, darkens, it's not a pain to take off. The only problem is that it clumps easily but if you have a lash comb on hand it makes it look like falsies! I pair it with the clumpcrusher mascara by cover girl and it just makes my eyes pop!

Megan K.
I love this mascara

I like this for more a night look. I have one in water proof and it is not that water proof it comes off easy in the water and then I look like a raccoon. But the volume is great and I love everything else about this mascara

Lynn F.

It's okay. I really wanted to like it because I heard so many great things about it..but I didn't really. It has this gross smell to it and I don't know if it is just me, but it was hard to handle. The product was really weird and it made my lashes clump together a lot. I also didn't like the brush. I've had many other Maybelline mascaras that I loved, so I'm not sure what happened with this.

Amelia R.

I love this mascara it separates my lashes and makes them look really natural although the only thing that could make it a five star rate is if it didn't clump. There aren't so many clumps but there can be a few and I hate having clumpy lashes.

Tyger M.

This product was just okay.. The one I bought seemed sort of sticky and it smelt strong of chemicals. I've only used it twice just because of the smell. I would not repurchase but then again, maybe the one I bought was just a bad tube.

Thalia M.

I use this mascara everyday. it's long lasting and doesn't smudge. it doesn't leave your eyelashes looking clumpy yet makes them look longer. it comes off right away after you wash your face and I'd recommend it to everyone

Leanna G.

Great mascara for everyday use! no clumps and makes my lashes really long. not something I'd wear if I'm going for a more dramatic look. perfect for work or school

Kassandra L.

Okay so I have extremely short eyelashes and I like to cake on mascara this one is by far one of favorites it doesn't clump and goes to fantastic lengths and I just couldn't get enough great product

Alexandra C.

I mean this mascara is alright. I like the length it gives me and I maybe may repurchase it. I love my one by one but thats a different story