Smoky Lash


Ashlee L.
Makeup Artist Essential

This mascara is an essential piece to my makeup kit. I have both waterproof and original in black. It is the most perfect formula and doesn't flake. I recommend this to every bride that I work with and swear by it. I love it because it hold a curl all day and give you the longest most sexiest lashes even without a lash curler. I recommend this to my Asian babies too since this can keep a curl on even the most stubborn lashes. For stubborn lashes that don't like to curl I find that the waterproof formula has bulletproof staying power for fabulous lashes all day and night. Two thumbs up!

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Marni Z.
My favourite mascara EVER!

If you want fuller, longer and darker lashes this mascara is the perfect fit! I love the carbon black colour of this ultra smooth formula. To be honest, this is the darkest mascara that I have found, that doesn't clump or end up flaking off by noon. It's hard to believe that one product can give you length, volume AND drama, but believe me when I say that Smoky Lash does just that!

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Natasha K.
hands down best mascara out there

I've tried drugstore brands, fig, bad lash, christian diorshow...let me tell you, this is the best hands down. My eye lashes look fake when I use this, the mascara does not dry out, also it lasts all day. You must try this to believe it.

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Rox O.
Pure love!

I just love this mascara, combined with They're Real they give me the perfect lashes! I never need to use false lashes anymore! :) The price is not so great and in a few weeks the mascara dries out. But worth it.

Julie A.
Great but $$

I'm going to start by saying, I really wanted to hate this mascara given the $22 price tag. However, after my first use I realized how amazing it is. One of the key elements in this mascara is the wand, I am not a fan of plastic bendy hard fake brissles so the fact that has natural hairs is awesome and makes it so much easier to apply. The effect this gives my lashes is incredible, they look super black, long and thick. I did not notice any flaking, but as my tube got older the formulation seemed to clump a bit. I didn't really mind so much because the results were worth the extra effort. I've since finished my tube and have not yet repurchased for two reasons: 1) I no longer live near any Sephoras (so sad!) and 2) I really can't justify the price tag, given that there are so many other wonderful mascaras for half the price. A great alternative is Clinique's high impact mascara ($14.50) which has a similar wand and gives great natural looking lashes. Drug store options include Loreal Voluminous (beware of clumping!) and Maybelline Full n' Soft (one of my all time favs). If price isn't an issue for you though, then I highly suggest this!

Marissa E.

THE BEST MASCARA I'VE USED so far...I work at Sephora and I've tryed them alllllllllllllll...I'm actually out and must buy!!! It gives me everything...length, volume, fullness, big fat lashes without the clump!!!! Ahhhhh omg I love this site already!!! I have so much to like and DISLIKE!!!!!!! Yay!!!

Lisa May L.

I love this mascara. I purchased this a couple of times and never has it once disappointed me. I love the application because I don't have to use a heavy hand to apply and it's barely ever clumpy. Def will purchase again!

Thalia M.
My go-to!

I find it hard to judge mascaras in store, since you really can't play around with the wand and get the full effect. So I had apprehensions when I brought this home.

I have to say, this is my favorite mascara now! I have pushed my Dior aside and am having an exclusive relationship with Smoky Eyes! It just makes my lashes full and long, and doesn't stays in place all day! I use a couple coats on both top and bottom lashes daily. I feel like this is a great mascara to use without eyeliner (a look I don't go for a lot), because it really sticks to them. I don't get that tarantula-lashes-look a lot of mascaras give when they say they make your lashes look "full".

I will say one "con" with this product is that it's tough to remove. you definitely don't want to be tugging at your delicate eyelids, so use an oil-based remover. I got a deluxe sample size of their "sens-eyes" remover with this, and that does the trick, too.

I see a lot of people are unhappy with the price on this, but there are definitely lots of mascaras out there with higher price points. In fact, at $22, it beats my Diorshow $24.50, and is in line with my Buxom amplified and my Stila major MAJOR lash.

Miki F.

this makes my eyelashes look so dark, so full, so FAKE. i get people asking me if i'm wearing false lashes all the time! it's expensive, but so worth it. i cannot recommend this product enough. i promise whoever tries this, will love it.

Janel B.
Gives my lashes the extra boost.

My lashes are already long and thick to begin with, but when it comes to mascara I try to find mascaras that will define my lashes. I'm hesitant when it comes to mascaras that cost more than $20 so I was pretty happy when my friend purchased this mascara for my birthday. Not only does this mascara make my lashes look long and black but they flare out my lashes for more definition.

I'm not a big fan of the brush since it's still the old fashion bristles, which still tends to flake. Docking half a star for the price and another half for the bristles, but if the brushes turned plastic like Benefits and Buxom Lashes this mascara would be absolutely perfect.