Viva Glam Lipstick


Jasmine S.

Looooooove this colour! It's a beautiful summery colour, because it's a satin it has a semi-matte finish but is still moisturising. Mac done a great job with this lipstick

Emily R.
I have one word......

Stunning, it looks amazing with a smoky eye for that pop of nicki for more go to my website: - so smooth - one swipe gives you a full coverage color One thing i really enjoy Is when it's warring off it wares off evenly holy grail

Amanda E.
Unique and Fabulous Color

This is such an awesome color! It's not too red or too blue undertoned. This has more of a yellow undertone that I have never seen before. I love manipulating this with a creamy pink gloss or wearing it alone! The formula is also very comfortable on the lips.

Aniko F.
Beautiful Pink Color!

I have heard so many mixed reviews on this lip color and had to try it out myself. It is a gorgeous pink color with a buildable coverage and looks different on everyone so it is definitely worth giving a try. Plus I love the Viva Glam cause which al of the profits goes to AIDS research! I will buy it again!

Nicki N.
Oh Nicki, you so fine.

This is my FAVORITE for the summer. It's gorgeous, bold, and incredibly creamy. It works for all skin tones and my ONLY complaint is that it's limited edition. I need to go into MAC and get a few more as backups because I can not imagine living without it.

Lacey F.
fun color!

this is color is fun and fabulous! now im pretty pale so i do have to wear it more casual because its not exactly the shade for me but it does look good, it just needs to be more toned down :)

Samantaa M.
Bold & Beautiful

I loveee this shade of lipstick & I wear it all the time! This colour is really pigmented so one light coat will do the trick! I like it line it with a red lip liner to make my lips look even more luscious! This has to be my far my favorite Viva Glam Shade!!

Gabby N.
Photo of product included with review by Gabby N.

I wear this lipstick almost everyday. Its my perfect summer/ spring shade. I get complements every time I wear it. Its the perfect peachy,pink lipstick shade. I wear this lipstick with NYX Natural gloss over it.

Ulrica H.
the pink of pinks!

A friend of mine bought this and raved about it, so I went to a MAC counter and scoped it out and fell in love. You can wear it applied lightly as an everyday lipstick, and there's always the option of amping it up if you feel like it. I'm seriously considering picking up a backup because this is my PERFECT pink lipstick.

Natacha S.
I lovee thiss stuff!

I love nicki minaj and I was not suprised when she came out with such a gorgeous lip color. It is a bold color and I think it totally describes her(: But I must say, If you wear it lightly, It can be used as everyday, but you can also build it up for a more dramatic look(: LOVE ITTT. I love mac lipsticks in general and it doesnt over dry my lips.(: Best of both worlds!!