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Sarah Louise H.
Great coverage, great colour match

I was actually quite shocked at how light i was ha ha! But it matched so perfect i was speechless. I love this foundation so much and I am so pleased that I finally purchased it. It offers excellent coverage and with a good primer it looks really fabulous. I know some people complain that it causes them to break out but I havent had any issues with that.

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Saffron H.

I tried this foundation on in the store and I loved it so I splurged like the careless shopper I am and took it home with me <3 and our relationship has been wonderful ever since! I wear this foundation with Ulta stay matte primer and I use MAC studio finish concealer to cover up the worst of my blemishes and then I put a light coat of this foundation on my face (Remember less is generally more when it comes to foundation), and then I set it with MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural.

My skin type is dry, but I moisturize it constantly. I have minor acne and I'm Swiss. Ergo, my skin is about as pale as a snowman's butt so for me, its VERY hard to find foundation in my color. This foundation, I got in my color. I actually got the shade NW10. Its pale, haha. but that's awesome! Anyways, this foundation looked the most natural for me IF and only if I apply only what is needed, and because I cover up most of my issues with concealer, I only need the foundation to even out my skin tone so that means a little goes a long way. This foundation dries fast (Not an issue for me), it doesn't transfer onto my poor boyfriend or cell phone like the other foundations I've used in the past, It doesn't get cakey and doesn't break apart or smear or crease or anything like that, and trust me, I put this baby to the test. I wore full face makeup to Sixflags in 80+ degree weather, rode roller coasters until I couldn't see straight and did it all in about.. hmmm... 11 hours? and when I got home my foundation looked a bit shiny from all the sweat (I couldn't powder my face all day though) but other than that, it was perfect. No lie, this is probably my holy grail foundation. I love it! I have used literally every drug store foundation out there, plus Lancome, Dior, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Stilla and Bare Minerals. The Lancome was my favorite, I'm not gonna lie, but it was to pricey for me to continue using it but this foundation is a close second!!! Id only recommend this for those who aren't going to use this foundation very generously. It gives about a medium coverage so don't expect it to be able to cover all your blemishes on its own :) Id also strongly recommend a good face primer and setting spray/powder. xx :)

PS: Remember its always essential to apply foundation with good quality tools. What you apply your foundation with can make or break your flawless finish so choose wisely! :)

Donna P.
Best foundation ever used

I love MAC's studio fix fluid. I have combination skin, and this is the only foundation i've found which actually stays on my face throughout the day, without any need to touch up. It also has a really good selection of colours, especially for those with really really fair skin (like me)

Arianne C.
Full Coverage and lightweight

I love love love this foundation. I apply it with a buffing brush and I find it melts beautifully into the skin while retaining it's coverage. It lasts all day, even while I don't set it with Fix +.

Steph M.

i tried this for the first time recently, and i ended up really loving it. at first when i tried it on at the mac store i was a bit iffy about it because i was not wearing moisturizer at the time so i looked extremely chalky and dry... once i got home and washed my face and put it on again with some pressed powder and bronzer it looked great. the only issue i had was my face got kind of itchy/tingly. otherwise my skin had a great matte finish.

Charlie B.
Not as good as expected!

This product looks good on your skin for about 2 hours, it doesn't last and is not good for people with dry skin! Also I find that when I wear it, I come out with spots.

AlexisClaire E.
Never again my friend

I was really mislead when I decided to purchase this product, for one.. the shade matched to me in the store ended up being at least two shades too dark on me and it made me look super orange! So disappointed in this foundation! I really don't think I'll ever use a MAC foundation again, I'll stick with UD or Tarte. Maybe if I had been matched correctly my opinion would have been better..hmm, we shall see once I repurchase my correct shade in NC15..not NW15!