Sheen Supreme Lipstick

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Stephanie H.
My Favorite MAC Lipstick Finish!!
Photo of product included with review by Stephanie H.

I have been using MAC lipsticks for 10 years and always liked their lip sticks. But it was not until I picked up the Sheen Supreme Lipsticks that I fell in love with MAC lipsticks. I love how moisturizing the Sheen Supreme Lipsticks are. They glide on your lips perfectly and leave such a great shine that you do not need a gloss over it! Skipping steps in my beauty routine? I am all for it! The packaging is so sleek and nice. It is by far my favorite lip packaging from MAC. The only down side to these is they do not have a big assortment of colors. But honestly the ones they do have are so nice. The pigmentation does not disappoint so try these out the next time you are near a MAC will not regret it!

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Amy H.
One of my favourite lip products!

I love these, especially the shade Bare Again which is my 'my lip colour but better' lip stick! They feel so smooth and in my opinion are very compatible to the Revlon Lip Butters but I like the MAC's colour selection more than the Revlon Lip Butters. The Sheen Supreme lipsticks are just that perfect hybrid lip product between a lipstick, lipgloss and lipbalm. The only downside in my opinion is that they settle into the lip lines after longer wear. But in the end, I don't mind because the product is so amazing!