Set Powder


Cliodhna D.

I really really love this product. It feels like silk and smoothly applies itself. It creates a flawless finish that blends to your skin tone perfectly and reduces light reflection.

Caroline C.

I had never tried a set powder before, so it was about time! And of course I had to get MAC's. I feel you get a good amount of product for your money, actually, even though it might not seem that way! Cause you really don't need much with this. It has a velvety matte finish and sheer-light coverage, so it doesn't feel so dry and doesn't add on to all the make-up you already have - And of course it's clear! Though can maybe look a little light on a very dark skin tone, I would imagine? I've mostly used this on my boyfriend's band, who I've done theatrical and dramatic make-up on for their concerts - And it stayed on pretty well! It was always a crisis if I forgot to bring make-up wipes, hahah! So yeah, this is a product that's good for everyone who wants their make-up to stay on for a little longer, and so easy to use! Just dip a big fluffly brush (like the 150) into the lid of it and work the product in there a little, and dust all over your face!