Select Cover Up


Angela H.

I use this product in NC50 as a concealer to cover areas of discoloration under Studio Tech NW43 foundation. This product is a liquid that goes a long way in providing excellent full coverage.

Nuru A.
How people work without this

I love this product. I use this in NC50 it over my MAC Select Foundation because I find the foundation in NC50 is quite yellow in its tone and the concealer helps to bring some more colour to my face and even out the dark spots. NC45 works really well for an undereye highlight and and under the eyebrows for definition.

Arait M.

Even though I believe women of colour should use more creamy (cream to powder) products for their skin for instance like the mac studio finish concealor, I like this one better, its easy to apply, you will use less of it because it still has this medium to full coverage look. Whereas on my skin the studio finish concealor gets a little cakey or dark after awhile. I use nc45 and nc50 select cover concealors