Pro Longwear Concealer


R B.
Love it

It's amazing. It's not the thinnest consistency but that's the best thing about it. You can layer it over problem areas and get a very full coverage. I sometimes even wear it as an all over foundation when I go to the beach because it's fairly water resistant. It doesn't run off your face if your hot or sweaty. I love it. Only thing that I'm not a fan of is price, and the dispenser. When you need only a tiny bit the dispenser makes it impossible and gives you way more then you need.

Sarah S.
My Ride or Die Concealer

Let me start by saying that I'm extremely picky when it comes to my concealers. The consistency and coverage has to be just right, all the while, not breaking me out or irritating my sensitive skin. This concealer does it all! Semi matte finish that can be sheered out with a Beauty Blender (or other damp sponge. I just happen to use a beauty blender) is a huge plus because it adds versatility to the product. It lasts all day, doesn't crease when set, and is super pigmented. I will even mix a tiny amount of this with my Face and Body Foundation for the perfect coverage. No issues with other primers, and I find it can even be used as an eye primer if set with powder. The only tiny little downside I have to this product is the packaging, although it's not the end of the world, since it keeps the product sterile and free from bacteria.

Overall, I love this product! Holy Grail!

Rawrin R.

This is by far my favorite concealer EVER! It is high coverage and blends very nicely!! I continue to purchase this and it last me quite a long time! I'm in love with this product!!

Olivia H.

I use this as highlighter and for redness and it is COMPLETELY crease proof! It works so well and you barely need any because its so pigmented! Highly recommend it!

Kelly M.

Amazing concealer. I use it under my eyes and if I have a problem area (acne spots) on my face I will apply this first then my foundation and it's completely covered. It is worth every penny!

Victoria S.

I have tried MAC foundations in the past to no avail, but I decided to give this concealer a go after having read so many amazing reviews about it! Needless to say, I am not disappointed! The color, NW15 is a PERFECT fit for my skin, and I absolutely love the consistency of this concealer! It completely covers the dark circles under my eyes and the discoloration on my face (with no breakouts!). My skin looks matte and perfectly poreless! I am curious to see how this concealer would work as a foundation if I mixed it with a dab of moisturizer. I have only been using pro longwear for a few days, but I am definitely sold! Thanks MAC :)

Samara r.

It is very full coverage, a little bit thick in consistency, best applied with fingers to give the fullest coverage, it does crease on me but I pat in the concealer with a damp beauty blender after applying with my fingers to make sure it doesn't look cakey and to give a bit of moisture so it doesn't crease, then I add a under eye setting power so it doesn't move around. It is like the Collection Concealer, similar in coverage and consistency just much cheaper! It's easy to blend but you got to work with it quickly because if you leave it to long before blending it will dry and not blend very well.

Jon & danielle K.
Loved it... But made me breakout :-(

I LOVE love loved this concealer. There's not a concealer out there that not only covers like this one, but actually lasts all day like this one! The formula is perfect, even though it's long wearing, it's not dry and cakey, and it doesn't make you crease like a lot of long wear concealers do. The coverage is truly amazing. It covered all my imperfections easily, whether it be a discoloration or a pimple, it worked. Unfortunately after a week or two of use I broke out horrible around my temple area, nose area, and under eye area (yes, undereye) who breaks out under the eye?! I've never had that happen to me before. So I stopped using it for a week. My face cleared up. Tried using it again, broke out even worse. So I knew it was that product. It was such a bummer for me because I truly loved this. I hope it works out for you, because it really is a great product!!

Hailey H.
I would give it a 4.5

I love the coverage of this concealer! However, I do find that it creases under my eyes! There are ways to fix that but over all I really like it!