Prep + Prime Highlighter


Hanna A.
Instant Glow!

It does an incredible job brightening up the face instantly. I use it primarily under the eyes and blend it with a damp Beauty Blender and it creates a wonderful glow! Will be repurchasing over and over again! :)

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Michelle D.

This is my favorite highlighter, it's a part of my everyday makeup routine. I normally put it below my eyes, down the bridge of my nose, on my cupids bow and blend into my foundation. On days I don't want a full face I use this as a concealer, this way not be good idea for those that need a little extra coverage. The packaging makes the application process and storage much easier.

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Toyah I.
Wonderful product

This thing lasts FOREVER, I use quite a lot of it to highlight daily and I'm still on my first one months later. I will cry the moment the last drop is done, but more likely i will repurchase two more before this happens. My bf keeps asking me how i get this beautiful glow under my eyes, when your man notices makeup well..go get will not regret it

Lucia D.

I've been using this product for a week or so and was expecting it to really brighten up my under eye, but I really haven't seen a difference although when I apply the colour it does look a bit ashy so my I picked the wrong colour? although It works so well with a small flat brush to shade around my eyebrow pencil to highlight the area and make it more defined