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Pamele N.

NC40-42. First of all this is the most beautiful shade ever! Just like MAC Melon pigment, it is the most beautiful and true gold shade with gorgeous almost duochrome effect that shows through some peachy/reddish undertones (I can't really describe it well, it's just stunning). I use every single day on my lids and under eyes (close to the lashline) and all the eyeshadows look so much more beautiful, have gold showing through it and lasts all day long! When I run out of the first pot and didn't wear it for a couple of days, I could absolutely see a difference in my eye makeup and overall look, so it became a must have for me, try it!

Kensi T.

I would totally recommend this product! I have rubenesque which is gorgeous! A few other colors id recommend is soft ochre (which is a yellow ish base that cancels out eye redness) and is perfect for using as a primer but if you want more color id reccomend Indian wood which is like woodwinked by mac in cream eye shadow form also known as a bronzey look! This product is great as just a eyeshadow or a base!

Rosie B.
romantic and beautiful

I have only tried Rubenesque so far and love the effect! The colour is a glowing peachy gold with a hint of pink that is ideal for fair skin colours. I love the colour, so my only downer was that it isn't more pigmented. I enjoy the creamy texture of this, and if you make sure that the lid is put on tightly after each application it will last a long time! (I've had mine for about 5 months!)

Vicky I.
GREAT but not worth the price.

I have fairly dark skin and this comes off as a shimmery light gold color. I say that it is not very creamy and dries out kind of easily. Also I do have oily eyelids and it tends to crease my eyeshadow. besides all of those cons I love this as a primer and I recommend it to all of you if you do have the money to spend

Atsirhc O.
Great One

I like this color, it's so pretty.It has goldish type of specks in it.I think it is perfect if you wear it underneath a shimmery shadow or simply by itself because it's a nice color on it's own.

Frances A.
Beautiful, but...

I am a HUGE fan of Mac eyeshadow! I love the consistency and it's always super pigmented- so when I first invested in Rubeseque I was super duper excited to just try it on. I always use primer before shadow to prevent creasing and to make the shadows as gorgeous as possible, but I was the tiniest bit let down with Rubeneque. As a shadow on its own it stays vibrant for a few hours, but even with primer and a base, it creased by 4 o'clock... but nonetheless, I love Mac Paint Pots! The consistency is really creamy and it applies evenly! As a base for compacted eyeshadow, this works almost better than a primer and is amazing with primer. Overall, I'd suggest this as a product:) But you might have to reapply throughout the day.

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