Paint Pot


Kara L.

My eye lids get very oily for what ever reason. This is the only thing I've found that works for me. I swear I've tried everything out there. I'm a hair dresser, I work long sifts with no time for touch ups and my eye make up does not budge!!!!!!

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Kita Katt H.

I use this color as a base and sometimes I wear it alone with a dark brown crease for a natural look. The consistency is great and its blend-able

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Samantaa M.

I love this product! It is one of most replenished items in my professional Makeup kit. With its creamy, yet dry substance, It acts as a amazing base, giving eyeshadow a vibrate non powdery look, that lasts all day without creasing! I use the colour painterly, because it is skin tone and does not alter the colour of your powdered eyeshadow, & gives life to even the most dullest colours!

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Marie B.

This is my must-have when it comes to my eye makeup, I need this if my eye makeup should look good. I use it as a primer/base under the eyeshadows, and they stay in place all day. The paint pot also intensifies the colors and makes them last longer and not crease.

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Arkia M.
Best Base Ever!

I love painterly it's the best! it's a little lighter then my natural complexion but its the best base ever! I've tried the NYX jumbo pencils, but they get cake-y and crease my eyeshadow, paint pots NEVER have creased my eyeshadow. I use this product every time I wear make up and I have barely made a dent. A little truly goes a long way with this product.

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Tara L.
Love it!

Super creamy going on and a little bit goes a long way. I use it as an eye shadow base, and it lasts all day and doesn't crease. I use it just about every day, it's the perfect color and doesn't feel like I'm wearing anything at all. It neutralizes my eye so colors show up super vibrant on it.

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Susen F.
My go-to base

Paint Pots are excellent, oil-free cream eye colours that are most used as a base. It's pretty stiff, but if you take some and work it between your ring fingers to warm it up, it becomes much easier to apply. The Painterly colour neutralizes the eyelid on light to medium skin tones and gives shadow something to stick to. So, eyeshadows appear more vibrant and last all day long

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Lottie S.
Love in a pot

The MAC Paint Pots have be a go to of mine for a while. These small pots last for ages. They hold my eyeshadows in place and don't budge. While I own others, Painterly is always a favorite.

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Tammy W.

I bought this with a gift card I was given and at first I wasn't very impressed. I bought it on the MAC salesperson's recommendation for a primer. Lately I've been using it more and more and love it. I switch between this and my UDPP. It really does hold my eye shadow on all day/night; I've noticed I have oily eyelids so this really does the trick. I think in the beginning I was using too much of it which is why I wasn't happy.

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Dember L.

I have tried other bases and still come back to these...I use Painterly as a base almost everyday and have no problems...its a great neutral makes your eyeshadow hold to the lids so you don't have to worry about it creasing. You can also wear it alone for a natural look....the texture is smooth and creamy.... Delft is a gorgeous base color too... Would love to own it someday!!!

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