Paint Pot


Lyndsie  T.

This specific shade is everything for a base while using shadows and or pigments matches perfect with skin non crease no product is wasted I apply with ring finger and used with any product on top is safe and guades eye makeup to stay in place affoardable also good alone or as concealor

Amelia R.
Painterly and Bare Study😍

I have two listed above^ and they are amazing. I used to use my elf primer but now I use my painterly paint pot. Painterly is a little sticky, but I like that cause it makes my eye shadows stick. It's a very neutral color and it's just amazing. Cloecouture on YouTube made the product sound so amazing do I had to get it!! I got bare study before and it is a really pretty gold shimmery color. I love it just on the lid and in the inner tearduct a little. These are definitely products I hear all about in YouTube and they are just perfect

Suzanne G.
Love it

I bought this product 1 week ago and it is a must have. I use it every day for my make up. It gives a natural look which is good for an every day make up

Yasmin K.

I absolutely love this as a primer. I think the color selection is perfect because you can apply any as your base and go from there. I find that it works better than most eye primers do:) I love this and it is a must have in everyones collection.

Julie M.

This product is an absolute must have. Keeps eye shadow in place, no creasing, all day long (and thru the night) the skin tone base makes true pigment of shadows pop. There is no need to say more

Isabella M.

I LOVE this product! This paintpot was one an item that the M.A.C. Artist used on my sister and me (who have both very different skin tones) and we both fell in love with it. It's great as a primer or if you're in a hurry and want to just quickly put something on your lids! I strongly recommend this<3

Beth U.
Didnt love

I was really excited to get this product as i heard so many good things about it, however I was extremely disappointed! I find this product does not give the freedom to really blend! it will hold your eye shadow on but it never gave me the results I expected wouldn't buy again X

Lyndsie  T.

I specifically use this shadow actually as a shadow base it's awesome and I use for occasion only shadow will not move and very natural toned i honestly thought it was a shadow base until I stood corrected.

Tommi R.

I love love love this! I use it every single day as an eye shadow primer and it lasts all day or I just put it on even if I'm not wearing any eye shadow just because I love the color and look it gives my eyelids it just brightens up my entire face and I completely recommend this product

MakeupByMiiso X.

I use my painterly paint pot every single day!!! I love it, it is applied easily and holds down my eyeshadows beautifully, it's creamy consistency helps my eyeshadow colours to pop and appear more vibrant since they have a good base to stick too. Brilliant product