Paint Pot


Julissa G.
Quickest Smokey Eye!!

As a MAC makeup artist I had appointments back to back and needed to think of ways outside the box to achieve my most requested look! Paint pots are great for several reasons 1. They are creamy so they allow you to blend away to your hearts content for about 20-30 seconds before they set. Also (and this is the best part) because they are a cream, you won't get any of that yucky fall out on your cheek that ruins your foundation. 2. They are crease resistant and water RESISTANT (not proof), so your smokey eye will stay put throughout the night! 3. You can build it up, you can start with a slight smokiness and add a little more at a time, however I would not put too many layers as it will look heavy.. instead add a bit of your desired dark shadow to intensify the look. I love MAC Paint Pots because they are so versatile and help your shadows last all day!!

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Elizabeth R.

I was first introduced to the MAC Paint Pot by my cousin-in-law and I've been in love with it ever since. I use it as a shadow and as an eye liner. I like using this as a shadow, because there's no fall out. It goes on very creamy and smooth. And as far as using it as a liner, it too goes on smooth (if you're using the right brush). I'm going to have to shy away from the blackground color and try their other colors out.

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Neala B.
Versatile and Essential for any Make-Up Junkie's Kit

I would not be without Blackground paint pot when creating dark smokey eyes. It replaced my Sharkskin shadestick when it was briefly discontinued two years ago. Although Sharkskin was in more sleek and convenient packaging, I found it to dry out quickly resulting in a gritty dragging motion across my lids. Blackground has great staying power and I love it on it's own for grungey wash of colour and also layered underneath powder eyeshadow. One of my favourite tricks is to apply Blackground on to the lid, thinly layer Sleek's molten metal duo on top and finally add some MAC Reflects Pearl or Reflects Antique Gold on top depending on the shade of molton metal I use.

Tiffany P.
Works like a charm everytime!

You can never get tired of using this product. A little goes a long way and helps extend the life of your shadows! M.A.C. knew what they were doing when they created the Paint Pots!

Amanda K.
best black liner, e/s, primer, base, glitter adherer, etc lol

blackground is so long lasting. i originally bought it when mac had the LE fuschia glitter and i couldnt figure out a way to make it adhere to my skin. then i started using it with my grey silver and black smoky eye because of its lasting power [i think the guy said 24h?] now ive been using it alllll the time as a cream liner. its perfect. absolutely perfect. it never budges, even when i rub, which is a lot lol. ive had it on all day today and felt very pretty. and its a great smoky black shadw. not expensive either compared to what mac usually is and its lasting power!

Farah G.

I bought this solely just to wear it underneath the E/S Carbon for a smokey look of course. It's going to hold your eyeshadow in place so why not invest?

Katie S.
Perfect base!

I love these bad boys! They make a great base for any eyeshadow or are nice used alone. I have others besides Blackground but this one is fab when your after a dramatic smokey eye, I like to use it as a base to get that intensity that I want. I find these quick drying so you have to work fast but I prefer to apply these with my fingers anyway to control application.

Rachel O.
good liner

this as a background primer it just stains my lid i use it as a primer and it just works great :) for me everyones different and putting a shadow overtop of it just makes the shimmer come out of u can mute it down with a matte eyeshadow