Mineralize Moisture SPF15 Foundation


Alberto P.
one of the best mac foundation

This is great it is sucha lovely foundation, I've been trying it for a montho or two and this is my go to when i want a medium cover foundation. It goes amazing on almost all skin type just avoid it of you are oily or hate satin finish. It is such a flattering product, it gives really a natural finish with extra moist look. Probably with this foundation MAC can say "we care about your skin" it is the firs that do something for the skin it actualy feels hydraiting. if you have a really dry skin use a good moisturizer before and a mineralize powder on top to set. It moves around a lot it need a sheer powder on top at least. This is probably wierd but i like to mix it with the pro longweare one, using the pro longweare to sculpt over this foundation and looks amazing!