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Andrea C.

I am an NC35 and this color looks amazing on me! It is a matte but it applies beautifully and it lasts for hours! The color on me looks sort of nude which is a plus because I do not like nude lipsticks but this one does the trick! However even though I like it, I don't think I will repurchase but that is a matter of personal preference and has nothing to do with the quality of the lipstick :)

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Gabriela L.
Perfect everyday lip!

I LOVE THIS LIP COLOR ! I use it for my everyday face makeup. I've been using it for about a year now and it has been my go to since day 1. I will continue to purchase this lipstick BC it makes my lips look fuller and gives it the perfect shade for my medium complexion. I definitely recommend it !

Arlene jessica J.
Gorgeous Colour, Great Feel!

I was determined to get some MAC lipsticks for the weekend, and after much searching found two that I adore. Taupe is the first one (Creme in Your Coffee is the other). This colour is super rich, very intense brown/brick/red shade and is ideal for my skin colour! The texture is great too. It applies smoothly and evenly and does not leave your lips feeling dry and hard. The vanilla scent is also amazing! So chuffed with this lipstick, I could not wait to get home and wipe off the crap I was wearing and replace it with this!! Best one ever and well worth the price!!! :)

Jimena M.
My perfect lipstick

I am in love with this lipstick that michele1218 on YouTube recommended. My lips are really pigmented so it's always been hard for me to pull off a nude, or light pink lipstick even though most of the time i can't really resist them and i end up purchasing colors that I never use however, angel, shy girl, blankety, speed dial, and this one will always be in my makeup collection. Taupe in particular is a matte lipstick, which i thought would be a but drying but I was wrong. I love how 'easy' it is, u don't really need a mirror to put it on and it feels moisturizing plus it complements my actual pigmentation.

Marimel N.
Long lasting

It's the first matte lipstick I tried that didn't dry my lips. It glides on smoothly like a Creme and stays on for hours. So loving this matte lipstick from MAC! It's like orangey-pink on my skintone and I love the natural effect it gives on my look. I also tried putting lipgloss on top of it and it looks great...u can see it on my profile pic. I'm using MAC Taupe Matte Lipstick in that pic.

Donna  A.
love love love

Firstly, the colour makes a great dark nude lippy for medium-tan skinned lovelies. Second, matte lipsticks at MAC are so comfortable and don't feel dry on the lips. Third, the price is quite decent for the quality of this lipstick. Fourth, it stays on for a good amount of time with occassional touch ups but that's normal for lipsticks anyway. Highly recommend this lipstick ! :)

DollfaceDredie x.

I love love love MAC Lipsticks! First they are very pigmented, then they are long lasting! My favorite finish is the retro-matte, lasts forever! I would own them ALL if I could!!

Alison S.
Great nude lipstick

This is my go-to lipstick for everyday wear, natural "no-makeup" look. Matte, but creamy. Easy to wear on all skin tones. Usually I can get away with using this lipstick without lip liner. A little bronzer and peachy blush on the face, mascara and my taupe lipstick and Voila!