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Shelby  W.

This is the Mac lipstick I keep in my purse and use almost everyday. It goes on smooth , but I always rub my lips together so I have to re-apply through out the day . I've already went through two tubes of this lip stick and would recommend this to any first time Mac buyers.

Sara B.
love me some MAC lipstick

i been using mac products for years...eyeshadows, paint pots, blush, eyeliner, concealers, minerlize skin finish natural etc..but never purchased a lipstick. Recently brought my back to mac items back to a smaller store in the bay and got my first it!! perfect everyday colour for me..ill be buying more soon:)

Kristin W.
MAC Lustre Lipsticks are AMAZING

I have never been one to wear lipstick. I always hated they way they felt, plus I would always have to put a gloss over them for them to look halfway decent. I figured why even bother and just wore lip gloss. That is until I purchased my first MAC lipstick in Syrup. I AM IN LOVE! It's so creamy and feels great on my lips. I don't need to use a lip gloss for it to look good. The color is great... like my lips only better. Syrup and Viva Glam V are my two go to colors, both are absolutely gorgeous! MAC Lustre lipsticks are the best! I can't say enough good things about them!

Shelley W.
Beautiful Shade

Paired with MAC lip liner in chestnut pulls more of the lavender tone out from the lipstick. It takes multiple swipes to build up opaque coverage but for the most part its in part to the formula (lustres are more of a gloss in my opinion). Add the clear lipglass and you can cancel out the drying of the lips and extend the wear time as well. Will I repurchase? Most def because it goes well with my neutral eye looks.