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Abby T.

The satin finish lipstick are my favourites, they glide on perfectly and still give a bold colour. The lustre lipsticks aren't so bold in colour, with much more of a shine. Whichever you prefer, a mac lipstick is unbeatable! :)

Chanell H.

Just bought Mocha 2 weeks ago. I use it almost everyday. My opinion, the best near-nude color, its not too light or dark. Using the light nude for some people might not look so good or feel to comfortable at first, but you can start off with this color and eventually the light nude will look and feel right! its perfect!

Natasha E.
The best "nude" for WOC

Mocha is the best nude lipstick for WOC. It is darker than Viva Glam Gaga and it pairs well with NYX lip pencil in Cocoa (which is a medium brown). This color can be applied everyday!

Nat m.
The Perfect Suttle Nude Lip!

Everyone knows that Mac lipsticks are amazing, but this lipstick in the color Mocha is the perfect nude lip that is definatly on the safe side. This lipstick is great for all the girls who want to go with a nude lip but are a tad bit intimidated by it. enjoy !