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Sabrina B.
Wish I could give this more than 5 stars!

I have pale skin, but dark dark lips. Finding a lipstick that was pigmented enough to show color on them from the drug store (and some high end) was almost impossible. One day I decided to splurge on a MAC lipstick and now I can't stop buying them! They give the best pigmentation of any lipstick i've ever tried. They're not too drying and you can basically find a color for any occasion. If you're a pale skinned girl like me you should definitely try Mac red! It's the best red out there in my opinion.

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Tiara R.

I love this color because it's bold and it is possible to wear in the day with gloss as well as at night to wear by its self one of the best red lipsticks to have I must say!!

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Liz S.
Staple product

Out of my collection Mac lipsticks are a staple product. Out of about 20-odd Mac lipsticks, m.a.c red, ruby woo, and cyber are my most worn. Not a luxury product, like Dior of ysl, but has a decent texture for the price tag. With a wide variety of shades, most people can find a pleasing shade

Anna L.
Stunning color

This lipstick stays on so well and I love the feel of it. I would highly recommend the color, even though you need to be careful about how much you put on! This red reminds me of old Hollywood! It is a very good lipstick!

Adrienne B.
Really great red

It's such a nice color considering that all of my friends from different ethnicities can use it! It literally goes with all skin tones! I love the satiny finish because it's quite moisturizing, if not the most moisturizing red lipstick at Mac.

Nina S.
perfect for all skin colors!

I was always afraid to wear a red lippie... I bought this and it looks absolutely amazing on me.The girl on the counter was very fair-skinned and had the same color on, and she looked great also!! in love with how smooth it applies! buy it and enjoy!!

Cami F.
Will always be my holy grail ❤️

Mac lipsticks are something of another world. Mac lipsticks are just as nice as some of the best like Bobbi Brown and Chanel, but they are only $15! They are smooth, creamy, and long lasting. I bought my first red lipstick last year from Mac and I couldn't be happier. These lipsticks don't make your lips look cracked or dry too which is a problem I have found in other lipsticks.

Sandrina S.

I'm reviewing M.A.C. Satin red(I dnt see it on the shade selections) It's glides on really smooth and was not as expensive as I thought it would be. YT makes mac products seem so over rated and unattainable. I believe I brought this lipstick for around 19 dollars. Yes, it's a tad bit pricey for a lipstick but it isn't "OMG, I just killed my wallet" expensive lol. Well the red makes me feel confident and my lips don't look choppy with them on. I will buy more I just need to find colors that go with my skin tone. I don't like all lip colors. If you by chance find this lip color I would suggest you grab it and go because you will love it!

Ingrid N.
Go to red lippie, for sure!

My favorite red MAC lipstick by far! I love the pink tone to this, and I'm pretty sure that was what really won me over with this lipstick. I feel like it made it stand out. Blue Reds, sure. Orange Reds, alright. But Pink Red? Heavenly! It feels alright, not extremely drying, although it does dry my lips some. It stays on for hours, as well as through drinks and light snacks. But I can't say I mind retouching this one.

Angelica L.
Great !

I love Mac Red l/s. Its a bright red with a satin shine, not completely mat. The only downside is that it tends to bleed which is why I gave it 4.5 stars.