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Molly O.
A great red with pink undertones

I was looking for a red lipstick that would go with my olive skin tone. Ladybug is a great shade for those that have tan skin . The lipstick has alot of pink undertones and can be worn by a summer or a winter. Since this lipstick brightens up one's face a great deal, I would recommend wearing minimal makeup with this shade. I first apply moisturizer to my face and place conceiler under my eyes. I then dust a loose powder across my face and highlight my cheekbones with bronzer. For eyes, I wear a neutral cream eyeshadow and highlight the crease with a bronze shade. I carefully apply black eyeliner to upper and lower lash line and use one coat of mascara. To finish the look off, I apply "Lady bug" lipstick and kiss off the excess on a kleenex. "Lady Bug" is a great shade to wear ,when one is feeling extra daring or on a hot date. The lipstick adds alot of sexiness to one's look, but one should be careful to pat off excess after applying, to prevent looking like a clown. I love the vibrant color of this lipstick, but it can dry out the lips a bit. I would recommend applying a bit of vaseline to the lips to prevent cracking. In comparison other lipstick formulas(Prescriptives, LOreal,Channel) Mac lipsticks can be dry out the lips and appear to feather. I give "Lady Bug" a score of 7 for value (on a scale of 1-10); the lipstick is a beautiful shade and lasts a long time, but can cause cracking of the lips. I would recommend "Lady Bug" to those that want to find a classic red shade or want to update their look.