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Cheroldine L.
Best nude ever
Photo of product included with review by Cheroldine L.

My favorite nude lipstick ever. It doesnt have a matte finish like most MAC lipsticks do. This is the ultimate nude lippie. Great for everyday wear, especially for more natural, "no makeup" makeup looks.

Erica L.
My favorite nude color!

MAC lipsticks in general are amazing. They have so many colors to choose from. My favorite, holy grail color is Hug Me. It's a natural lip color. Nude with a hint of mauve. It's very natural and isn't too crazy for an everyday lip color. It's amazing! Love love love!

Shelley W.
Best Nude

Nude lipstick doesn't intimidate me at all. Like red lipstick there is one for every skintone. Against my NC45 skintone,pigmented lips this shade translates as a nice soft mauvey/pink nude without giving the ashy lip look. Comes off very creamy even though its a lustre formula. Very happy with this addition to my collection.

Sofie M.
Smokey eyes, nudey lippie

If I want to get adventurous on eye makeup, this lipstick shade is my go-to. I also use this almost everyday same with MAC, brave. I think, I just can't go outside with applying a lipstick.

Roots: FIlipina (Asian) Skin type: Yellow undertone, oily, acidic

Gretchen P.
why keep looking

This is my favorite lipstick ever! MAC's Hug Me is a fantastic sheer, pinky nude shade. A barely there lip color. I rarely wear lipstick but when I do, 9 times out of 10, it's this one. The formula is great, it's got good wear and a fantastic color palette! You can't go wrong with MAC lipsticks.

Baya S.
My First Ever Lipstick
Photo of product included with review by Baya S.

I wanna share with you my first ever purchase from M.A.C. =) (I blogged about this at I do not know when exactly I bought these and as you can see on the photo below my 'Hug Me" lipstick will run out soon and I will definitely repurchase this particular shade again. "Hug Me" is a lustre finish and described as flesh pink in the M.A.C website. It is the perfect nude lipstick for me and as for reference I am NC35 in M.A.C. Don't you just love its name? When I feel down just one tight HUG will comfort ME. I did say it's perfect nude lipstick since I have warm & medium skintone, it didn't washed me out. It is like the color of my lips but prettier. I also loved that it is in lustre finish, it is lightweight and semisheer. It doesnt dry my lips also. If you wanna have a "no make-up look" look I would suggest this lipstick, but of course what works for me won't work for you. You can definitely go to the nearest M.A.C. store and ask the make up artist for you try it first. It retails for 1000 php here in the Philippines.

Jenny L.
my favorite!

my favorite from mac is hug me! its moisturizing to me because of the finish plus, the color is almost the same as my lip color but slightly lighter so its a bit more flattering than a regular lip conditioner or moisturizer.

Britney W.
perfect everyday neutral color

i love hug me for those minimal makeup days, eyeliner mascara and hug me is all i need. its creamy, long lasting, and smells good. i always keep it in my makeup bag :)

Angel F.
best peachy nude creamy lipstick shade ever!

it gives you that peachy nude color that doesn't look washed out or fake, coverage is good although i didn't give it a 5 since it lacks staying power. Its a shade that would go with any skintone and perfect for a day to night look! (just use darker eyeshadow for more oomph!)

Amy Lou W.
An EVERYDAY lipstick for me!

I am a mother so I am always on the go! I can grab this lipstick without adding anything else and it looks perfect on my skin tone! I am NC42 in MAC. I love love love love this lipstick and its so sheer.. you can't put too much of it! <3