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Kayla C.

The most beautiful lipstick! The pigment is insane and the product is so long lasting it's unbelievable! Very creamy on the lips and not at all drying. Soar lip liner goes beautifully with this lipstick! A must have for all lipstick lovers💄

Rachel A.
Highly recommended!

I bought this lipstick a while ago, and i absolutely fell in love. It's a warm-toned berry-pinkish color. The color is very pretty and original, and very pigmented and original. I highly recommend this lipstick! 💄

Sukhdeep D.
the perfect nude I was looking for

I really like this lipstick for everyday use. it is perfect with all types of make up. sometimes I just use the lipstick and it looks great anyway. I use it when I go to uni and as well as when I work. it looks the nude I was looking for bcz my skin color is a bot dark and this is perfect for me.

Sofie M.
Brave for natural looking lips
Photo of product included with review by Sofie M.

Roots: Filipina (Asian) Skintype: Yellow undertone, oily, acidic.

I searched for perfect pinkish lippie to enhance my lip color. I have a dark edges on my lips so I can't bare it all. I don't even smoke so if you are looking for a natural look for lippie that is not nude, try this :) See my picture as a reference. It is not photoshop, taken via blackberry.

Gabriella W.
Bravest lipstick the world has ever known.

I bought this as a dupe to Benefit's Good to Go, which is a lovely dusty rose color. The consistency of this lipstick is outstanding, and, I would have to say it's my favorite lipstick out of all of them! It's a matte finish, and it really does finish off any look with a beautiful pop of color. It's nice for women who tend to lean to the lighter area of products, and it stays completely natural while adding the perfect amount of color.

Megan E.
Great colour!

I love the colour and pigmentation of it. It leaves your lips with nice natural looking lips and very moisturising. I use it all the time! I'm not really allowed to wear lipstick to school but with this they don't notice :)

Faith J.

I love the shade and I wasn't really sure at first, but once I tried it on its great!!! I love this product and I tell everyone about it so next time you want lipstick, get this one

Laurence P.

I really love the shade, such a beautiful rose color. I often find that pink lipstick looks fake or too made up on me but this one was perfect. I'm not too crazy about the formula though, it wasn't long lasting at all.