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Krista L.
Beautiful color

What can I say? I love my MAC lipsticks. The color is beautiful for my skin tone. The finish is great. They don't have the waxy-lipstick taste that some lipsticks tend to have.

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Maureen S.
Great pigment

I love MAC lipstick mostly because of the variety they carry! My favorite mac lipsticks are Snob (a matte pink), Shy Girl (a peachy nude), and Angel (Pink). They are very pigmented and I always get compliments from other ladies saying they love my lip color.

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gee m.

Angel is the lipstick I am currently rocking with Mac lip liner in Oak and on top of Oak lip liner Sephora lip liner in Native nude with Mac plush glass Bountiful in the center of my lip. Sometimes I also pair Mac Cork lip liner with it for a warmer look. I have paired this lipstick with nude looks as well as bolder looks as far as eye shadow goes and it always looks great. This is one of those colors that women of color may stay away thinking it may not be a good fit for their skin tone but Angel is one of those colors that can be made to be bold or a nice nude color. Add a lip liner to manipulate the color some for your skin tone.

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Douatchi V.

Angel Lipstick. You can't go wrong with this lipstick. If you not sure what to get I would recommend Angel. It really does go with anything and everything. I was a bit skeptic with the frost finish because i'm more of a creme lipstick person but when I tried it on I fell in love with it. Its the perfect pink tone color great for any skin tone.

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Zackeya M.
Love it
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It's absolutely my fav I wear I so much need a refill definitely we be going back for more Mac lipsticks and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

F F.
Love it! Another beautiful pink color

Pretty pink that's in my creme cup Hue family love it!! I got this color as one of my free MAC lipstick after returning empty Mac containers.. It's a little more sheer being in a frost family but I still like it!

Amelia R.
angel, hue, please me, all of them!

I love love love love LOVE Mac lipsticks! they go on smoothly and they have great pigmentation and beautiful colors!! I got my mom into buying one and she LOVES it!!! can't wait to purchase more!

Amber H.
Best Lipstick Ever

I finally picked up this iconic shade, along with Twig, and I absolutely love them. The smell amazing and are so creamy and pigmented. Now I know why so many people love MAC. They are quickly replacing some of my drugstore products. And not a bad price either.

Asma A.
I absolutely love it !

This soft pink is really flattering, I just love it and I recommend it to everybody. I have no words to describe how gorgeous it is. And like every Mac lipstick it's super moisturizing. Just love it !

Anna P.

Love it!!! I saw it on some reviews and I had to get it, I cant live without now! Perfect for everyday! It is a subtle pink that makes your lips so cute