Lip Pencil


Nadia N.

Spice is nice! This is probably my favorite lipliner of all time. The color is amazing I love using it with nude lipsticks and for some reason it gives it a kick and helps the nude not wash me out. I like also using with other colors or under gloss. Its a very good liner and I can see why inStyle magazine called it the best!

Edna V.

This is my "go-to" lip coloring. I not only use it as a lip liner, but use it to fill my lips, on top of my lip balm. It applies on smoothly, does not bleed and lasts the whole day.

Cristina L.
My 2nd every day
Photo of product included with review by Cristina L.

This LP NET WT/POIDS NET1.45g/05 US OZ And it´s a little bit dry but nothing to be scared of!! The color has a red under tone, and I thinks fits all skin tones at all, fair for a noticeable lp, medium & dark for a nude lip contour as well!!! MAC claims CF, but buys ingredients for companies that test on animals. Here´s a pic on my fair skin!!