Face And Body Foundation


Fiona M.

This foundation will always be a must-have for me. It is the best foundation for dry skin as the product is more water-based and gives a dewy, yet natural, finish. I love that the foundation is buildable without looking cakey and after setting it with MAC's Skinfinish Natural, I am good to go! The large 4 oz. bottle is also a great value for your money, but MAC also has a smaller bottle for purchase if you do not use foundation on a daily basis :)

Jenny B.

My everyday foundation. Gives a natural look. Not too heavy. Buildable for more coverage. I use my fingers to apply it on my face and then go back with a stippling brush to give it that airbrush finish. Awesome product.

Priscilla N.
My everyday foundation

I love this foundation. It gives me just the perfect amount of coverage while still looking natural. It is a sheer coverage foundation so be warned. But! It's very build able which is great for when I need a little more coverage (i.e, G.N.O.). It leaves a pretty, dewy glow on my skin which I love too. The consultant told me it is a little hard to apply with a makeup brush and she recommended that I go at it with clean hands. Perfect advice. As for the separation, give it a shake and you're good to go. Personally, this is my favorite foundation in my kaboodle.

Maria C.
My everyday foundation

I use this foundation daily since I can't remember. I love the dewy look and how it lasts ALL day on the skin. And I also love the fact that I can mix this foundation with EVERYTHING! It makes any foundation just better, it gives that "skin look" to some foundations like may look a little powdery on its own. It's a staple in my kit and I couldn't live without it.