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Sam B.
Vex Is A Must!

Vex is such an original color, one of my favorite e/s colors ever! It's like a grey silver with almost red pink flecks. It's so versitle, it can be a gorgeous strange highlight, but I mostly use it as an all over lid color. One of my favorite Mac shadows for sure!

Allison B.
Photo of product included with review by Allison B.

I just got this one yesterday after the lady working with me suggested it. IT'S GORGEOUS. when you swatch it on your finger it looks like it will be silver,but when you spread it out on the back of your hand it turns a pretty iridescent purple. I can totally see myself doing some cool looks with this eyeshadow ;)

Linzi F.

I really like it color to tone down other color besides using alone on my lid. I mix it with mulch and it turns into a really pretty purple color that shimmers. It lasts all day without a primer and does not crease.