Eye Shadow

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Lyndsie  T.
worth it

costly but worth every penny vanilla was the first mac shadow I've purchased. since than I've gotten many more but vanilla is perfect for a highlighter or under brows.easy to blend and the vanilla pigment is even better!

Gabrielle B.
love this color

i use this color almost everyday, i love it and it mixes well with almost all of my eyeshadows. ONE OF MY FAVS!!!!! i love how it goes on n still looks fresh hours after i have applied it, i will probally buy like a case of these if they ever took them off the market i would cry

Jessica and Lauren H.
Perfect as a Highlight.

although it is roughly 15 bucks a shadow, i think it is worth the money. vanilla is the perfect shade for a highlight color under the brows. love the velvet finish. the shadow is very pigmented, as all mac shadows are.

Caroline C.

I heard a lot about Vanilla Pigment, but I prefer pressed eyeshadows, so I wanted to try this one! It's a velvet finish eyeshadow that is peachy-ivory with reflects, so it's nice as a highlight color for matte looks. Sadly not for me, as I have pretty yellow skin, so it doesn't really match my skin at all. I would rather recommend this for people with fair pink-toned skin! I hope I can find other uses for it, without looking ridiculous.