Eye Shadow

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Emma R.
Stars N Rockets makes your eyelids a star.

Not even joking, the pigmentation and vibrant color is beautiful. It has different purple hues mixed through it with slight pink and a lot of shimmer! This is great for under the water line and I love this color. Being my first non-minerazlied eyeshadow this is a great eyeshadow for anyone with any eyecolor! I am so impressed, and i will be buying it again! Only thing that is bad is the price! ($33 where I live)

Michelle H.

This was my first MAC eye shadow and I gotta say: It's great! Well pigmented and if you use it right, easily blend-able! I actually have a tutorial using this color on my YouTube!

Tequila M.

I love the pigment , and the color i amazing, it holds up well with a good primer.i love to make the design on my eyes and create great looks...

Lyndsie  T.

very nice color but just as your adding more you later realize your eyes are BRIGHT amazing color only thing i personally didn't like is no matter what I tried there's always fall out even after I wipe it away:( other than that AMAZING