Eye Shadow


Victoria S.
A unique duochrome lavender from MAC...
Photo of product included with review by Victoria S.

Seedy Pearl is a very sweet shade. It's a very pale gray/lavender base with duo chrome pink and lavender iridescence. It's a very cool toned shade so if you don't like cooler shades, OR have very warm coloring, this might not be right for you. The texture is like a typical MAC frost, though this particular shade isn't as buttery as some of the other frosts.

However, if you do love cooler shades, this is a very good color to work with. It pairs well with typical cool tones like gray, taupe, navy (MAC Deep Truth shadow especially), charcoal, and black. It also pairs nicely with deep greens (in attached photo, MAC Shade Fluidliner)

***Please see my review on Sumptuous Olive for a quick and general overview of MAC eyeshadows