Eye Shadow


Julia N.

This is a grey product to put in the inner corner to seem more awake or just a nice light nude color I use it a lot I really really recommend this product it's a great product

Karen B.

This is the prettiest and most versatile color. There are endless ways to use Naked Lunch; on lid, inner corner, as a highlight and it makes other shade even prettier. I love to use it on top of cream e/s too as it easily changes color ex. apply Naked Lunch over a midtone or deep brown, wow!

Lottie S.
Very Natural With A Hint of Shimmer

This is a great champagne/nude pink color that really lives up to it's name. It looks very natural with a hint of shimmer and works well as an all over lid color or used for the inner corner. I personally can't use it as a highlighter through because it shows up too pink on my skin for that and therefore looks strange under my brows. It looks much better on my lids. I don't really have any pink undertone at all so maybe that is why.

Linda T.

I really like this color! This one is also a great color for a nude look! Great for blending with dark and/or bronzy colors! I also use it as a brow highlighter!

Catia M.
Great all over color

I love Mac eyeshadows they have a huge range of high pigmented colors I just wish they weren't so damn expensive lol. I love naked lunch its great as an all over the lid color for a neutral everyday look and it's a really nice Highlight color too!

Amanda R.
Universal Eyeshadow!

The MAC makeup artist showed me this color and said that this will look great on Hazel eyes. I tried it and it look amazing! I can even use it alone and it's so pretty.

Caroline K.

So, when I first got into make up i was a little skeptical of the whole MAC scene. It seemed a little silly to pay $14.50 for one eyeshadow. A few days ago I visited my mall's MAC counter for the first time. I WAS COMPLETELY WRONG. All MAC products are worth the extra money especially their eyeshadows and especially naked lunch. It's a very versatile color that is a great highlight or all over lid color.

Amy H.
All time favourite eyeshadow!

This is the most essential eyeshadow colour ever! It goes with everything and is very natural! Probably best first time MAC eyeshadow recommendation. I think this would work on any skin tone. Beautiful champagne colour, I wear this everyday to school, just soooo beautiful! Definitely a collection must have!

Brianna V.
Naked Lunch!

This eye shadow is fabulous for all over the lid. One swipe and you're good to go with a nice wash of shimmery color that goes well with any look. This is one of my MAC faves!

Chloe Jacqueline V.
Love Mac Eye Shadow!

I picked naked lunch only because it is my favorite mac eye shadow! If you don't understand the hype you probably have never had a mac eye shadow! They are super pigmented and the colors are gorgeous! One of my very favorites!