Eye Shadow

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Caroline C.

I have tried so many different highlight colors, none of them satisfying me entirely. I was afraid to try this one, because I thought it would be too white and bright. But it actually wasn't! It's described as a matte vivid white - But it doesn't have to be that way. It's totally buildable, so if you just use a fluffy brush, you don't need to get that bright effect, and still have the focus remain on the actual look. And since it's matte, it goes with basically everything! It also works as a base eyeshadow, like maybe if you want the colors you're gonna use on top pop out even more! I have used this under yellow, orange and red, worked great! It really made a difference. So I really recommend this for everyone!

Rosa S.

I use this almost everyday as a highlight underneath my brow, its super pigmented. I've had this shadow for a few months and I still have enough to last me a couple more!

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Lillee T.

My favorite matte white! It is so pretty! I love all of my mac shadows ! I especially love Carbon,sketch,seedy pearl , satellite dreams , hep cat , foregy love them oh and wedge and copperplate ! Copperplate is soo smooth and applyes a dusted dark/light brown shade !