Eye Shadow


Gina S.
Amazing Blue!

Whenever I wear this blue I always get compliments! It really brings out my brown eyes! I love to smoke my eyes out with this color! Deep Truth Rocks!

Laundmakeup L.
Just Amaaaazing! to see swatches! I like it, I like it, I like it!! vergy high pigmentation, I always use a prebase before my eyeshadow (UD) and I really keep shocked about the duration of this eyeshadow! Is always very hight pigmented, it's easy to blend without losing all the colour and it looks like very pretty on brown/hazel eyes like mines! If you're looking for a deep blue, this is yours! ;)

Ashley R.

This particular shade is very pigmented, it comes out identical to what it looks in the container in just a few swipes, and stays and stays with no creasing. I will admit it is a little difficult to remove if you aren't careful, but it's one of my favorite shadows for going out and when it's hot out. LOVE it!

Victoria S.
A staple sapphire navy to have in your collection

Deep Truth is a shimmering navy blue with sapphire shimmers that is a great shadow to have in your collection. It's a frost formula but I don't think it's too frosty. It can be paired with so many colors: Beige, peach, gray...practically all neutrals! For a unique look, I like pairing it with a REDDISH VIOLET like MAC Hepcat eyeshadow. Put MAC hepcat on the lid and lightly smudge on the lower lash line. Then blend MAC Deep Truth on the outer corners of the lid/crease. This is sure to make brown, green, and hazel eyes pop!

For blue eyes, blue eyeshadow can definitely be a challenge; you don't want to scream MIMI from the Drew Carey Show. With a shimmering beige on the lid and a satiny taupe on the lid, use deep truth with a MAC 266 Angle Liner brush on the lash line and lightly smudge it up for a subtle use of blue that enhances your eyes, not competes with them.

***Please see my review on Sumptuous Olive for a quick and general overview of MAC eyeshadows