Eye Brows


Alicia B.

It is the second time that I have purchased this product. I love this for my eyebrows. It has a very natural finish and it lasts all day long. I will most definitely repurchase again.

Theresa G.

I decided to try another eyebrow product. And read and saw a lot of reviews on this and went and bought it to try it out. I am very pleased. Glides on without a problem and lasts all day.

Octavia L.
My Go To

This is my EVERYDAY go to. I really don't know what I would do with out this pencil. When I go to purchase this, I always buy two at a time! Days I don't even wear makeup, my eyebrows are always on point. Love it!

Shannyn W.

I don't know what I do without this retractable brow pencil. I have gone through countless pencils. It gives me great precision and it's very long lasting. I would use brow powder to fill in my brows before but I noticed that it would begin to fade throughout the day. This one stays put! I wish there was a bit more product inside but I will still continue to use this as my everyday brow pencil.

Michele N.
Out to quickly

I got my pencil a while ago. I used it in moderation, depending on the look I was going for. My pencil broke almost every time I used it. I know, that it shouldn't have done that. I rather go to my trusty wet and wild pencil for my brows, I feel like I get better coverage, and I still get a very nice creamy consistency.

Dee C.

This pencil is great! I treated myself to it for my birthday. I am normally a drugstore gal. THe pencil goes on so smooth and has staying power. This is a definite repurchase.

LaToya C.
The best thing my brows have seen

i love this pencil for my brows.. i used to use the milani eyebrow pencil but i switched to this one. it's the perfect shade for me also. this pencil stays on for a a long time and it doesn't budge. totally recommend this product.

Erica H.

I love these brow pencils but i hate that they break so easily....i have yet to find the perfect brow pencil. This one is great as far as color and pigmentation but it breaks wayyyyy too easily.

Mari W.
Flakes and problematic packaging

I’ve used Spiked for years. Though MAC has fantastic shades, there are several reasons that I’ve given up on it. After around 6 hours, I noticed white flakes in my brow area. I also have a problem with the black packaging. It was very hard to gauge how much product is in the container. I cannot tell you how many times I would try to do one final twist only to realize I was out leaving me one to two days of product left. Then I would go on a scramble to quickly purchase another. I wish there was some way to augment the packaging to see how much was left. In addition, the cost is problematic for some if they run out at an inconvenient time. Times have changed; there are other companies that offer similar products that can offer such a fine point.

Andrea T.
Cant live without this!

I love the formula of this. It lasts all day, even during summer. They apply effortlessly, blend with the finest brow fuzz, and don't look like pencil. I wear it every day, even on my no make up days.