True Match Blush

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Julianne J.
Geat pigment, want to try others. Not really plum, though.

I stumbled upon these babies when looking up blush reviews. I was interested in the True Match line initially for their powders but noticed these also had good reviews. I like their extensive shade range and the hearty size of the blushes. I have a few I still want to try, but am now using a really good palette that has shadows/contour/blush colors, you name it, so I have to put a hold on sampling these. I got the shade Spiced Plum because I LOVE burgundies/plums/roses/mauve etc colors- on lips/eyes/and the CHEEKS. So of course I was stoked and the picture here made the blush actually look like...spiced plum. However the real blush is kind of a medium pink/rose shade that at times can lean coral. So its not the shade I actually wanted but it looks great, very natural, creates dimension and contours well and is really pigmented. Just a few taps and you're good. Its not a creamy powder, but the stiff texture does not mean lack of pigmentation. With the brighter shades use a lighter hand and build up from there. I really want to try the apricot/light pink and beige shades but that will have to wait, especially since I have even higher quality ones in my Sorme Treatment Cosmetics palette I got through beauty school.

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