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Telescopic Explosion Mascara


Jane A.
HG mascara

I guess my eyelids are allergic to most mascaras out there, whether it is a department store or drug store brand. It sucks when I'm working and I have a mascara on that I'm allergic too, and all I want to do is rub my eyelids, or scratch them. I can't because my makeup will get all nasty. So the second I get home, I'm washing my face... and not only that, my eyelids are a little bit swollen. Eek...

But this mascara is my HG. Prior to this product, I've never really cared for mascara, but now I know why mascara is probably a product that most people wear daily.

The wand's shape makes it so much easier to get those smaller lashes.


Dawn C.
Works great.....with a lot of work and help from another mascara!

I love this mascara. I use it underneath Lash Stiletto to get a perfect lash every time. This mascara is great at separating and capturing in inner and outer corners. It does not give volume as much as it gives lift and length. When I top it with the Lash Stiletto I find I get a very intense, gorgeous lash.

I couldn't give it 5 stars since I have to apply another mascara on top of this to get it to work for me. It also takes a lot of time and work to apply this mascara so I don't wear it much on its own/everyday. Just when I want to rev up my the more natural look I get with Lash Stiletto.

Good buy if you are willing to work for it.

Poppy T.
It's alright

When I first got this, I really liked it but then it started clumping a lot and It took forever to apply to my lashes. Also, it made my lashes look fake and very bulky. I would not buy this again.

Anna D.

When I first bought this, it was because of all the hype that it's like the cheaper version of the Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara. I decided, why not? It wouldn't hurt. I like it, but this would probably work best with people with a lot of lashes. It lengthens lashes more than ever, but if you want volume, you're gonna need a different mascara. The wand also makes me a bit nervous. I mean, they give you a stick and a mace ball at the end and expect you not to have a shaky hand. I feel that I can't really control the wand and it just flops everywhere. When I bought this, the waterproof one wasn't out yet, which kind of disappointed me. Waterproof mascara stays on longer than regular mascara, which is why I prefer it, so I wasn't really impressed with this product. The formula's great and everything, but I wouldn't buy this a second time.

Minjee Y.
it's seriously not that great

WORKED GREAT THE VERY FIRST TIME USING IT Bought it for new years last year because I ran out of mascara and wanted to try something new. It was also on clearance in a pack of two from target so I thought why not. When I first used it I loved it. The brush itself is awesome and reminds me of those weird mallot ball things that hang on a chain. The mascara itself went on alright the first time and did everything a mascara should do. Lengthened and volumized. It was a very dark black as well and glossy. Since the brush is the way it is I got every single hair on my eyes.

When I went to go use it another time the mascara was all weird and goopy. It just gets everywhere on the wand and then it just makes application weird. I don't know if the stopper in the bottle is good enough or not but the brush head kept getting too much mascara on it as well and when I would apply it on my lashes it just look too messy and thick. VERY thick! I didn't like that look. I ended up having to throw it out and I gave the other one to my friend