I use this as a bronzer

I bought a dark shade of this powder and use it as a bronzer. It blends incredibly well and it looks great. I love this product for contouring my face, definitely a fantastic powder.

Works great with True Match foundation

I like this powder a lot. I do agree that the price seems a BIT high but it is a great powder. It has enough color in it that it adds an extra bit of coverage over the True Match foundation and brings the foundation up a notch. I hate powders with any glitter or sparkles, etc. and there IS a little bit of a "sheen" on this powder but it isn't enough to notice or be obnoxious. Also, because this has decent color and I don't have any big skin problems I sometimes just conceal and then buff this powder all over my face and that is good if I am in a major hurry or am feeling lazy! I do notice that if my t-zone gets oily throughout the day and I put this on it can get cakey, though, just to warn!!


I love, love, love this powder! It truly does blend to match your skin to perfection. I use it alone and I have also used it to set my Maybeline Liquid Dream Mousse. It is very light and perfect for someone who wants to wear foundation but doesn't want a caked up look. The colors are great and the Classic tan is perfect for me. I highly recommend this product.


What I like: 1. SMOOTH - this powder is very smooth and silky and feels really good when you put it on. 2. BLENDABLE - It is, for the most part, easy to blend. 3. GOOD COVERAGE - A little goes a long way for this powder. One swoop with the sponge that it comes with and you can cover half your face. What I don't like: 1. NO COLOR FOR ME - again, it is hard to find products to match my skin color, when it comes down to it, it's all about mixing and matching. 2. CAKEY - this powder gives you a matte finish, so if you want something more natural, I don't suggest purchasing this product. Would I buy again? 1. No. What I look for in powders is how long it will last me throughout the day. This is not long-lasting.

Not the best

Decent enough to set your foundation. It does not prevent any oil, though it doesn't claim to. It easily transfers onto clothes. I'm not sensitive to smells, but this powder had a very strong "cat food" type of scent to it. I could even smell when I wore it on my face.


I bought this product on a whim as it was in a sale box at Kmart. Regular price is I think $8.00? But I snatched it for almost three dollars! I loveeeee it! I use it for contouring at the moment but I can use it all over once summer hits and I'm tan lol. But I'm def going to repurchase this product! It's so soft and smooth and really does blend nicely!

Not as good as Clinique but. . .

I love Clinique but when I was trying other stuff before I discovered it this was one thing I bought. I really liked it. I think it's good if you can't afford Clinique or something better. Very comparable.

Great product

This is a really good powder. It covers really really well, the colour matches my skin tone beautifully. Also it is long lasting and you need very little powder to get maximum results.

good contour powder

soft, velvet like, non crumbling powder. No fragrance to it. It does not irritate my skin. I though it was going to be a new favorite contour shade for me but it is slightly orangey. I thought since it'd be cool or in other words it'd be more ashy of a color, but I still find it leaning to the orange warm side. I do believe if you wanted to you could use this as a light powder with one sweep into this and all over your face or if you wanted to as well you could build it to be full coverage. I really do like this powder a lot because it is versatile.

Best Drugstore Powder

This is a fantastic powder, especially one from the drugstore or Walmart! Although it's a little pricier than most drugstore powders, it works well. It has a great finish and even offers some decent coverage. It could definitely be used without a liquid foundation underneath, and perhaps just some concealer instead. Concealer + true match powder is something I do on an everyday basis when I don't use heavy foundation. The sponge applicator is great, and the packaging is nice. It has a nice scent and the variety of shades is amazing!!! Sorry, Maybelline--L'oreal wins for their True Match line as opposed to the Fit Me. But I think the L'Oreal company owns Maybelline's company?? haha