True Match foundation


Lola A.

I use this everyday. It has medium coverage and is really good because it doesn't look like you are putting a bunch of makeup on your face. It is sort of a beginners foundation but my mom uses everyday. Make sure to always put moisturizer on always before or else it won't rub in very well

Lola A.

I really like this foundation! I haven't had much experience with other foundations because I'm a beginner. It feels super light on my face. I hate the feeling of so much makeup on my face. I recommend buying it and at least give it a try. Sometimes certain foundations aren't for you but just try an its only about 10 bucks

Antonette A.
Good, but not the best!

I really like the coverage for this foundation, it's a light to med coverage and it blends really well. It's probably my favorite foundation I found so far. However, I recently started noticing that it's been moving around my face, even with a powder of the top. I really hope that it's just the weather. But I will do an update soon!

Hayley E.
Great Light Coverage

I like to save money where I can, call me cheap but I don't want to shell out $40 to be prettier-- I want to be prettier for like $2... or free! Because that's never going to happen I rely on L'Oreal True Match which I think is great especially considering you can find it for $11. I use this foundation mainly in the summer when I want to look more natural and dewy and turn to a heavy foundation for winter months. I've been using this product for 3 or 4 years now.

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Amanda C.
It's GOOD but not the best.

If you like a dewy finish then this is the foundation for you. I do not really like that but setting it with a matte powder makes it work for me. It does have an ok coverage. If you do not want to wear anything heavy then this is really good. The foundation is VERY runny liquidy. Get me? So be VERY careful when pouring this onto your hand. Best bet is to get your stippling brush or foundation brush and dab it into the bottle.

Viridiana V.
The best!

So far this has to be my favorite drugstore foundation. It blends easily and lasts almost all day. I love this foundation! Gives good coverage and a great finish.. I definitely recommend this to everyone! the only down side is the packaging.. no pump. :( None the less, I'll continue to re purchase this foundation over & over & over again!

Elyse M.
Flawless Face

As a makeup artist, many people are shocked to find out that I use True Match daily to create a flawless canvas on my skin. So lightweight and blendable!! Read more about my favorite drugstore products here:


Leanne G.
Not bad at all

Does the job well, a light coverage just wish there was a bit less drying on the dry spots on my face. My dry spots I have to add a bit of moisturiser to make sure it doesn't look flakey and this is after I've already put on my moisturiser for the day.