True Match foundation


Jacey T.
I like it more than most drugstore foundation...

I do really like this foundation. It covers acne better than any other type of foundation from the drugstore that I have used. It gives a more flawless look than the others as well. The only things are I think it has a bit of an orange tint, even when I'm tan and the creamy natural is my real shade. Also with this, you have to really make sure it blends. It can be feathery if you just put it on and leave it alone. Blend it out with a fluffy brush and powder.

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Julia J.
Love it !

I absolutely LOVE this product!! I use it to conceal for my under-eyes as well. It works fantastic and it's soo long lasting. It covers up my pores really well and it natural looking.

Ana Elizabeth A.
It's good

I used to wear this foundation all the time when my skin wasn't so good and it covered very well, just too bad they didn't have my colour. But here where I live they don't really cater for my skin colour...well back then when I used to wear it. Don't know bout now though. It's a good foundation, doesn't stay too long though (for me). Make sure you use translucent powder after you apply it. I re-purchased this alot and would recommend it.

Kenna  S.
Makes me look orange! 😳

I love this foundations coverage but, the shades are either much to dark or much too light. It's a hit and miss if you ask me. Great foundation but only certain skin tones. Xoxo~ Kenna 💕💎