Metallic Eyeshadow Duo

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Bachii R.
Metallic Dream

im crazy about makeup that really POPS and i love silver metallic so this baby was soooooo for me, it actually even stays on in the shower unless you really wipe it off with remover

Mandi F.
Been using it for YEARS

One of my favorite makeup products to date. The pigment in this is AMAZING. It lasts forever. The silver is amazing. This is my smokey eye go to.

Adanna L.

Really like this, especially for the black. Its really pigmented and the silver is METALLIC. Dont use the silver that much, but I always use the black especially for a smoky eye.

Arait M.

Well my review is a bit one side...If you're looking for a great silver for a dramatic look or just to give a little sass then this is definitely it. If you really want it to look dramatic then apply it with the sponge eye-shadow applicator. However on darker skins it may need to be toned down a bit and also if you just want a bit of sass apply it with your finger tip so that it warms up a bit....I absolutely dislike the black portion of this product, maybe it because of the sparkles in it and I really like a nice matte black...so if you like a little sparkle in your black then this is definitely for you.... Hope this helped