Infallible Lip Color

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Izzy M.
Best(the only one) lip product I ever used!

I'm not keen on wearing lip products(especially lip gloss), but this is absolutely amazing! It lasts half a day, doesn't smear, you can even kiss people on their cheeks and prank them("Oh, I'm sorry...I left lipstick marks on your cheek!"). Although I don't recommend it if you have dry/chapped lips, all I can say about this product is: "WOW!!!"

Annamarie O.
Not The Best!

I was going into my local drugstore to find an amazing red lip stain and I heard about this infallible Lip color in crimson. I picked it up and where I bought it the product itself was about ten dollars at my local drugstore. Since it was a little more pricier than other I figured it would be a great product for me to use and I heard great reviews. Well when I got it home I tried it on and after about 30 seconds of having it on it dried my lips out completely. I used the "conditioning balm" after I waited 2 minutes and it chipped off so for me not a re-buy.