Lime Crime Makeup



AnnMarie P.

for a log time ive been looking for a really good black eyeliner, and when i saw that lime crime was releasing eyeliner, i couldnt resist! Quill while being a black liner is beautifully pigmented and makes your eyes and your makeup really POP. the only thing imnot to crazy on is the price but its very worth it. might even get the rest of the collection. ;]

Alexandra M.
Love it!

Lime Crime has been kind enough to send me all of the 7 eyeliners but I have to say my absolutely favorite one is Quill. I just love how it's not matte like most eyeliners, it's got some polish to it and gives the whole look a nice twist. I never had problems with it melting because of heat or sweat...and trust me it gets really hot here. I actually have trouble taking it off...I have to wash my eyes two times to get it off xD

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