Lime Crime Makeup

Opaque Lipstick

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Layla P.
Always inlove

Gosh darn it, i just love all of lime crimes lipstick! The lack of moisture gives a dry texture and a matted look. All in all a lovely selection for anyone who wants a lipstick that looks exactly like the color they saw on the label.

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Michelle S.
Just like the stick!
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When I first got this lipstick, I thought it would go on sheer. I put in on and was pleasantly surprised by the coverage! In two swipes my lips were completely the color of the lipstick in the tube, and it's smells like sugar!!!! Makes me want to buy more shades! As my first lime crime purchase, definitely amazing!!!!

Marrisa B.

They aren't joking when they call it opaque. This blue lipstick isn't chalky, doesn't stain and it's super bright. It may not work on all skin tones but if you're looking for a bright blue this is the one to go for.

Christina H.

I've been wanting this shade forever, so when it came back in stock and was on sale for Black Friday, I knew I just had to purchase it. I own four Lime Crime lipsticks, and this one, out of all of them, is terrible. The color is amazing and it's a show stopper, but when it's on your lips it's extremely chunky and cakey. The only way to make this work is with a lip liner, and even then it's still really nasty. I also have Countess Florescent and Chinchilla and neither one of these needs a liner. I also purchased Serpentina which is okay but looks better with a lip liner. Over all, I am extremely disappointed with this shade which truly saddens me. I read mixed reviews, but I had hoped they reformulated it when they re-released it. Unfortunately, I was wrong. With Lime Crime's ridiculous new "seasonal shades", I don't think I will be purchasing from them again. I love LOVE LOVE their eye primer, but since it's been out of stock forever, there is no point in purchasing from them ever again. I think I would rather buy Urban Decay although it's not as good, and for amazing and epic lip colors, I think I will just stick to OCC.