Lime Crime Makeup

Opaque Lipstick


Cali M.
Good stuff

I usually wear over lip liner under all of my lipsticks ....but this one you don't need a lip liner, it last very long and it stains your lips.

Jen P.

I was a little nervous about trying out this lipstick since some people had told me that Lime Crime lipsticks had a weird texture, were "goopy", and / or didn't last long, particularly the unconventional colors, not to mention the mixed reviews about the Lime Crime brand in general. But when it arrived, I was really pleasantly surprised and my optimism was proved to be correct. Not only did this lipstick apply really smooth and easily, it didn't take much to make the color show up a very opaque light purple. It lasted a while too! I'm definitely happy with this purchase and my satisfaction with Airborne Unicorn has definitely convinced me to purchase more Lime Crime lipsticks in the future! :)

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Brianna Q.
Absolutely LOVE it... By far my Favorite lipstick

Its creamy and opaque doesn't dry fast. I use a base under it (carmax) just to last longer. The Packaging is epic and I'm really glad I went on a limb and brought it. They have me as a loyal customer! (I'm wearing it in my default picture)

Abbey G.
I'm in love!

I was honestly skeptical about trying this lipstick out because of all of the reviews that said it was drying. Well, I'm very happy I gave it a shot! Airborne unicorn is the most perfect shade of purple/violet lipstick I have found anywhere. It's bright and definitely a statement shade, while still being wearable. The texture when applied right from the tube is very creamy and no matter how many times I went over my lips, it never got thick or cakey, which is a definite plus. Never dried my lips out at all and stays put wonderfully. I'll probably be buying this shade again when I run out, and might give D'lilac a try. Even though I've only tried the one shade, I'd say it's worth the money, and I'd recommend lime crime lipsticks to anyone looking for a great, comfortable lipstick with amazing color payoff.

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