Laura Mercier

Tinted Moisturizer


Bianca T.
Simply Stunning

£33? Tinted Moisturiser? Definitely not worth it, right? WRONG.

This product is worth every single penny. It has an SPF of 20 which is great to protect your skin, it's light and hydrating yet lasts all day, and it has the most surprising coverage. Yes, it's sheer, but it covers all my redness with ease and leaves me with a beautiful, natural glow. Holy Grail? Most definitely.

Shade reference: MAC NC20/25; LMTM Bisque

Eilla S.
My alternative to foundation

I love this product. I have dry and flaky skin so this version is great for me. I use this in the day or informal or formal outings. I use this as a replacement for my dislike for foundation. This might be a bit too much for Texas cause I usually ended up shiny so I'll be purchasing the oil-free version instead for the summer. I will definitely use this for the winter or when I'm back in Scandinavia.

Update: I purchased the oil-free formula for TX summer.

Differences between this formula and the oil-free formula: • It is more sheer and lighter, • Apparently, it is less oily than the oil-free formula(No idea why). • Easier to work with so blending is effortless, • Lesser coverage since it is thinner, • No oxidation. It didn't make my face look darker. • Colors differ a bit. You can afford more color mistakes with this formula. • A bit more moisturizing. I still apply my own moisturizer under both formula cause my skin is just super dry.

Similarities • SPF 20 therefore typical sunblock scent, • Both cover really well. Light to medium coverage, • Both are lightweight that you don't even feel it on your skin, • Dewy and natural finish.

Viridiana V.

This has to be my favorite product!! It gives me the perfect coverage & it doesn't even feel like I'm wearing make up. I'm in love with my tinted moisturizer & I'll be repurchasing it very soon!

Jenny N.

Best tinted moisturizer ever!! It is so lightweight, very very blendable and the coverage is very good for a tinted moisturizer! It gives me a perfect shade and it's so creamy, I LOVE IT!

Rachel G.
Favorite Summer product!!!

A Sephora employee suggested this product for me last summer. I wanted something that I could wear in the summer and not have it feel heavy. This product does the trick, the only thing I find is that I have to apply powder to certain areas throughout the day. Also, keep in mind that this is not a full coverage product. The other downside is that I do find sometimes that the color doesn't match me a certain days.