L.A. Colors

Color Craze Nail Polish


Lisa M.
Not bad.

I bought Atomic, Magnetic Force, and Static Electricity at my local DollarTree for $1 a piece. First of all, LOVE the price =) and the colors were bright. But, Magnetic Force was too bright and came off more orange-y for my taste. I applied 2 coats and that was enough to give me a solid, even look. My only complaint with this nail polish is that it began to chip on me by the 2nd day. =( I didn't use a base coat or a top coat but then again, I never do. I might try it again with a top coat and see if that makes a difference. I did get a lot of compliments when I wore each of the 3 colors. While they aren't AWESOME, I do believe I would purchase these again. Luv & Luk, Lisa