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Lip Butter


Nina S.
Obsessed. Moisture + Color = LOVE
Nina S.'s Review Image

I wish I found this years ago. This is the best lip balm I have ever used. Not only is it super moisturizing, it is the PRETTIEST, most versatile color. Absolutely gorgeous. You can use it lightly for a super light wash of pink, or layer it on (and on) for a more coral-red color that I can't imagine not suiting every single skin tone. You can wear it during the day lightly, and then put more on at night for a face-brightening lip color. It's cheery and beautiful. I really can't say enough good things. I have perpetually dry lips and besides this being an awesome color, it's totally helping heal me up. It's smooth and creamy and feels wonderful on your lips.

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Belinda F.
It's like butta baby!!

My lips feel fabulous and juicy when I put it on. The Pomegranate shade is the perfect hue for summer! It lasts all day and gives the right amount of moisture. I carry it with me everywhere!

Lizz C.

amazing! this is the most amazing lip butter I have ever owned and this color is fantastic and its so easy to carry around its an amazing little splash of color in the day and if your going out at night pair it with a similar shade of lipstick and it keeps your lips moisturized and looking good for hours!

Ashley D.
Amazing Lip Color for On The Go

After a month of debating if I wanted to "splurge" on the Korres Lip Butter I'm glad I took the plunge. Not only is Pomegranate the perfect "your lips but better" color the product is also highly moisturizing without being to thick and heavy feeling on your lips and at the time it isn't slick and greasy, in fact you can hardly tell it's on your lips. The color is sheer, but what else would you expect from a lip butter, but it still adds a nice tint to the lips. This is great to throw in the car or in a purse and apply throughout the day, and the best part is you don't even need a mirror to apply it. And while some people don't like the part of having to dip your finger in the product to be able to apply, I still think this lip butter is worth it and you can always pick up a lip brush to apply it if you want. P.S. It isn't highly scented nor does it have much of a flavor but what scent and flavor was there wasn't bothersome and leaves about 30 seconds after application.

Gracey W.
Really sinks into your lips!

I just got this lip butter and I've been using it for a few days. It really sinks into your lips and moisturizes them! It also gives a nice wash of color, which is nice because I'm not a huge lipstick wearer. The only thing I didn't like was that you really have to get the product on your finger in order for it to fully apply to your lips. I feel like a little bit does not go a long way with this product. But, it's probably the most moisturizing lip butter I"ve ever used and it smells like fruity candy, so I will repurchase.

Victoria S.
Lovely sheer coral

I love Korres Lip Butters! They are SO moisturizing without feeling incredibly greasy or tacky. They sit comfortably on the lips. The lasting power is, of course, not great. But that is to be expected out of a sheer lip treatment. That said, it does last reasonably long if I don't eat anything or talk very much (which rarely happens :p) The only caveat I have with this product is that it's a POT. For both sanitary and lazy reasons, I just hate the process of unscrewing the pot, dipping my finger and swirling around, wiping my finger after, and screwing the pot back on. Call me lazy, but I expect my makeup products to work for ME, not me to work for them. Otherwise, I have no complaints about the product. It's a great little item to throw in your bag. And for a high quality product like Korres, $10 isn't too awful of a price to pay for a perfectly puckered pout :)

Pomegranate is a beautiful sheer peachy pink coral. It's one of those universally brightening colors, and is perfect for a summer day at the beach. The texture is just as creamy as the other shades. I love wearing this with glowing skin. I apply bronzer where the sun would naturally hit, and use a warm luminizer on tops of cheek bones, on the bridge of the nose, and dabbed on top of the lips (try MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Glissade). On eyes, I do a bronzey peach look with colors like MAC Mulch and MAC All that Glitters, or use a bright turquoise eyeliner for a bright contrast (try Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Electric)

Katherine Y.

A ton of people always recommend this product so I was really excited to check it out. I wasn't sure which color to purchase but they had the "Lip Saver" or whatever it's called that had three jars for like 20 bucks.

I agree that it does a great job of conditioning the lips. My favorite, however, is definitely the Pomegranate. I would say that the Pomegranate color really enhances my lip color. It's like a natural "I just ate a red popsicle" look.

One downside is that the product gets a ton of dust particles in it. It's not like I leave the cap off or anything. You can see it most in the lighter shades like Jasmine. Gross man!

Jordan G.
Not worth the money

After reading such great reviews about it I decided to pick one up, but I was disappointed by the product once I bought it. The colour is too sheer and does not show up on my lips and it doesn't moisturize them that well! From now on I will stick to my 3 dollar baby lips which I prefer :(

Sue Y.
Makes lips peel... ;(

At first swipe this product seems great: lightweight, well pigmented for what it is, emollient and natural, but after a few minutes, it seems to sap any natural moisture my lips have. These make my lips peel and then the pigment sticks to the dryness and all together makes for a very unattractive look. It seems to be wonderful for some, but for those who have sensitive lips, this may not be the bet product for you.