Lip Butter


Fabiola S.
Ive Bought This More Than Once. <3

This Little Jar Is Amazing! I Really Recommend Purchasing This To Anyone! It Smells So Good & Tastes Even Better! (Not That You Should Eat It! ) Lol. It Instantly Leaves Your Lips Feeling Buttery, & Heals Chapped Lips Within Seconds!

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Ryen Michelle S.
Vanilla -like scent

I use this as a base and also alone. It's just like butter because its seems to melt on your lips. It keeps them hydrated for a decent amount of time, and doesn't have to be re-applied all that much

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Lisa J.
Hydrating and sheer color

I use my Korres lip butter everyday. I love the color and my lips feel amazing. The con is it's in a pot. I expected that, because it's a butter. I handle money all day and I can't exactly stick my finger in it and apply to my lips. I would recommend this to everyone, who wants a good, light hydration with a sheer color. It's good for full makeup and non makeup days.

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Tammy S.
Beautiful Product

I put this on when i have done my foundation and i let it soak into my lips while i do my contouring, highlighting and eyes and by the time i get to my lips they are beautiful and soft. I use alone for everyday moisturizer for the lips.

Maria Q.
Rich and Creamy!

This buttery formula keep your lips hydrating with a tint of colour and a bit of glossy finish! Normally, I use it at night before bed or in Winter time! 100% Natural.

Sydney R.

I purchased the flavor Jasmine about 6 months ago after getting a sample of it and i LOVED it! It's super conditioning for my lips. I have recommended this product to everyone complaining of dry lips this winter and so far it has yet to disappoint!

Shannyn C.
I love how this conditions my lips!

My lips get so dry & the fact that I bite them makes them worse. This really hydrates & conditions my lips. It feels like it brings them back to life. Its not sticky or thick feeling. Goes on smooth & lasts a really long time. I go 2 bed with it on & i can still feel it on when I wake up. I have it in jasmine, which is a pale nude/pink & really doesn't add any color to my lips. It has a nice vanilla scent that I love. I can't wait to try out the other colors.

Jacquelyn J.
Love it!!

Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine is the best lip prodcut that I've ever tried! I'm almost done with it and I've purchased it last year online. I will purchase this again soon!

Micaela O.
Best lip balm i have ever used!

I love this lip balm. I love the smell and the color on my lips . I would definetly reccomend it to everyone! I have gone through three pots of this product. I haven't used it in a while but i am hoping to repuchase this soon.

Kristina H.
Moisturizing and tint?! Fabulous.

The one thing I cannot understand about Korres is the scents. Maybe it is just me but I do not smell Jasmine in any way shape or form in my lip butter (and I have made pretty much everyone else I know smell it too and they agree)... to me it smells sort of like pastries or something else that is sweet. Do not get me wrong, I like the scent, dare I say I love the scent. It just doesn't smell anything like what it says it smells like. I smelt their other products as well as most of them to me smell nothing like it says. That is neither here nor there though, is it?

This stuff is great for hydrating my lips and giving me a bit of color throughout the day. It is pretty sheer even though the formula is thick. Which is nice because I hate that overly creamy look on my lips, I don't want it to look like frosting. It is pretty long lasting and the product feels nice. I get pretty dry lips throughout the changing seasons so this has helped keep them moisturized while still giving me a little color.