Kat Von D

Lock-It Tattoo Foundation


Chloe L.
Great foundation!

I am literally in love with this foundation! This is one of two foundations that I always go for for everyday use. This is perfect for when I have breakouts that are very red and my other foudation a would not cover. I don't even need to have a concealer with this foundation as it very thick and full coverage! It did take me a few tries to be able to apply it without making it look cakey or blotchy, but I've now found my prefect way. I have normal-dry skin with an oily forehead, so I use an oil free moisturiser for my head, and a thick moisturiser for the rest of my face and it works very well.

I have it 4 stars because it didn't control the oil on my head, and came off after a few hours only on my head, and the rest of my face was completely matte. Even using my rimmel stay matte powder didn't completely keep my oil at bay.

Saying this, it gives me a completely flawless finish (several people have told me my skin looks like a porcelain doll) and completely covers all of my acne and redness. I love it :)

For reference, I'm 1N1 in Estee Lauder Doublewear

Check out my video on this foundation: https://youtu.be/RT6gVdPwEfY

Lyndsie  T.

Im in a lighter shade than this this foundation has yellowish under tones for liquid and powder full coverage a very little goes along way earses imperfections heavyish very matte perfect doll face apply with beauty blender and buff brush and setting powder and mist

Sarah L.

I'm light 45 but that wasn't an option but this product is fantastic. I bought this because I've heard the rave and I love Kat Von D so much so I decided to try it out. I don't have bad acne or anything so I use just a tiny bit and it really is AMAZING!!!

Tyger M.
In love.

This foundation is VERY full coverage and thick so if you want something light, I don't suggest this! I absolutely love full coverage foundations and this foundation was absolutely perfect for me. I've been using it for two months now and it makes my face look almost perfect. It covers the most terrible blemishes and my under eye circles!

Taylor C.

This product is oil free, lasts all day, and has a finish that looks like regular skin. This product is very pigmented and you only need about 1/4 of a pump! This will last you a lifetime. I have problematic skin, so I have a little acne, some dry areas, some oily areas, and so on. This product completely minimized the look of some whiteheads, made those pesky blackheads disappear, and didn't feel heavy on my skin. It did stay on for a longer time then the other foundations I have tried. If you are still in school, like me, it stays on till around the end of 6th period for me. Usually my foundation wears off around 4th or 5th. Absolutely love it and would recommend it to anybody who wants to try it.

Lyndsie  T.

so black friday shopping I stopped in sephora and asked for a sample of this.the lady gives me a plastic round container and gave me A LOT. I used it for the first time the other day and put my little finger dots of foundation before blending with brush. well when I did blend with brush i put way too much on but didn't really seem that way.so watch out u don't need a lot. the coverage is definitely full and lasts all day and didn't give me break outs. if your sketchy about spending the money grab a sample.I would say better coverage than mac studio fix and less harsh on the face.

Lauren S.
The price is for a reason...

This product stands up to everything you'd expect from a full coverage, light weight, long lasting foundation. Being someone who touches their face a lot during the day and wanting full coverage that lasts hours, this product is perfect. It doesn't contain harmful chemicals and smells like coffee! The only issue I have with it is that it's constantly out of stock because of it's popularity. Sephora didn't expect this foundation to be as popular as it is. I recommend going to ask your closest location for a sample and see if it's right for you! I also recommend exfoliating, moisturizing and priming before applying this or ANY foundation!

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Yesenia P.
Full Coverage!!

EDITED This is my HG foundation!!!

This is the most full coverage foundation i have ever tried. On a day to day basis i wear this alone to work without concealer. On nights out i will wear a little concealer because NOTHING covers the purple hyperpigmentation on my fair skin =( I have been usng the Elf Flat TOp Powder brush with this lately and i love the flawless coverge it gives me!! The foundation is very thick, but doesnt look unnatural IMO. It is a matte finish, but I have oily skin, and as soon as my natural oils start to seep through, it gives my face a more dewey look. I use about 1 pump for my entire face and a tiny bit more on the areas that need more coverage. Also, this foundation comes in a air pump, so you can see how much product you have used and you dont waste any. One thing i do not like about the foundation is that it does transfer. But I am trying to transition into buying only cruelty free makeup products and the latest info i have seen says that Kat Von D cosmetics do not test on animals. So I am hoping this is still correct!!

Bethany S.
Best full coverage foundation. Period.

Most people don't like feeling like they have makeup on at all, and I say you're asking too much. Haha, just kidding. Well if you have a lot of serious acne or scarring to cover up, yeah you kinda are asking for too much, and you need this stuff. It smells a bit like and feels a bit like paint, because that's how you should think of it, and that's exactly how it's advertised. "To create a perfect, blank canvas." And that's exactly what it does. I very much dig it.