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Cloud Makeup Sponge Duo


Paula C.

I love these sponges. I watched Nikki's video on youtube about them, and I was excited about trying them out. I tried it out, I wet it and did my foundation and concealer; no streaking or blotching! I love my beautyblender, but for the price point, this one might be my new favorite! Super comfy to use as well, because of the angles.

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Panna S.
Love it

It's a really nice sponge for a great price. When it's wet it almost get double sized and super soft, but you can use it as a harder sponge when it's dryer. It also keeps its quality after washing it quite a few times. It is a joy to use.

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Lena C.
Photo of product included with review by Lena C.

Tip fell of after first use other than that it's a soft beauty sponge so that may lend to its delicacy.

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Elizabeth C.

These are literally the same feel of the original beauty blender! They are JUST AS GOOD I SWEAR! They blend so good they are just cheaper!! Yes.

Melanie R.
I really like these

I love both of these sponges!! They blend very well, I like the storm cloud one better but they both blended well. I have been very happy with the outcome with both and I will definitely purchase again.

Mimi P.
First time

First time using a beauty blender. Worked awesome. Never knew foundation could look that good on me