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Jouer Cosmetics

Molten Glow Highlighter


Dana S.

I knew it would be a good product because Jouer usually is, but this highlighter is amazing. IF you Like that intense highlight, then this is for you. It's not a tamed highlight Like Lancome absolute powder, that has a soft glow, this is Like liquid metal, and put on the cheekbones corner of eye nose and cupid's bow, is absolutely incredible! Rich silky formula blends amazing, stays on all day. Couldn't rave enough. I also Like to pat a little on my shoulders, collar bone. Can even mix with a little oil to spread over larger parts of body.

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Rebecca  H.

Seriously wow ... I feel like it's even more blinding than the regular jouer highlights. Omg and the perfect gold. For once I actually had to chill out on the highlight and not put as much it's so blinding. I actually put too much. There is such a thing lol. Perfect for my inner corner of my eyes too. didn't have to use fix plus to make it brighter! And it's great for the body. Love it. And its bigger than the normal highlights for just a little bit more money. Xoxox

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Sara A.
WTF !!! Perfection

The only highlight where you have to be very carful not to use too much because it’s BLINDING!!!!!!!!

The small brush that comes with is perfect to use on your body and legs!

And the packing is beautiful 😭♥️